320 East Church Street Frederick, MD 21701

(240) 575-5205


Pure Excellence

548.jpgThese guys are great. I can't wait for my metal book! I have never seen anything like it before - it is a panoramic book with a metal cover, and the pages inside are montages of pictures in the background with predominant pictures on top. I am not photogenic at all. But, somehow, Jamie found ways to make me look beautiful. I felt like a super model. I have not received the pictures yet, but he showed me some from the camera. He is very creative in finding poses and places for pictures. I had both him and his twin brother at the wedding. They both brought their wives. He was extremely professional and patient. He kept things on time. I highly recommend him. - Jennifer 

The Best!

171.jpgJamie and Jason were the absolute best to work with. So professional and so passionate about their craft. I wish I had more reasons to get pictures done just to hang out with these guys. I was fortunate enough to get both brothers and Jamie's lovely wife Tyra at my wedding, all of which made my experience an amazing one. They had multiple packages to choose from that I felt were all really reasonably priced. Jamie was also more than willing to swap some things around to customize my own to fit my needs. They were great with my two small children (1 year and 2 1/2)and it was an overall excellent experience for my husband an I both. I've never felt more beautiful, the pictures I got to see while shooting were stunning and truly creative. Cannot wait to get them all back! - Lauren